Conflicting DNS Record Data between Hubspot and Cloudflare

Hubspot has found errors in my DNS records and instructing me to copy the required data sets and paste them into the proper record fields at Cloudflare. However, the current data Hubspot shows does not match what I see in Cloudflare. Hubspot says these are the records Cloudflare is sending to the Hubspot portal which is causing the issue and says I need to liaise directly with Cloudflare so that they can assist in understanding why the new records are not propagating as they should in Hubspot (as the info is coming from Cloudflare side).

Likely you have the DNS records set to “Proxied” which will return Cloudflare IP addresses. Set them to “DNS only” instead if Hubspot needs to see the underlying IP addresses set in your Cloudflare dashboard.

See here…

“DNS only” means any Cloudflare protections or features won’t be applied to your site traffic as web requests will go direct to Hubspot.

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Thank you - they are indeed set to ‘proxied’ so I’ll change to ‘DNS only’ and see what happens.

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