Conflicting Cloudflare Accounts


My previous host set up Cloudflare DNS, CDN, and SSL for me, but they are no longer available (I can’t access the old Cloudflare account that they used).

I switched hosting to Kinsta, set up a new Cloudflare account for DNS and SSL, and went through the steps to set it up.

It’s not working. The site will not load.

Several Kinsta support reps told me that it’s because the old Cloudflare account that’s linked to my site is still active and is being used - even though I changed my DNS info to the new account’s credentials.

Two of them said that they’ve seen this before, and that the only thing that will resolve the issue is if the old account is properly removed.

I’ve also read posts from other community members that had my same issue and it had to be escalated. Obviously, the community can’t delete the old account for me.


No. I have it up and running using Kinsta DNS and a temporary Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Apparently, that’s part of the issue, though. Kinsta uses Cloudflare for SSL. The old account is conflicting with the new one.

They ran a curl command, I think, and showed me that the site is still trying to use the Cloudflare setup from my old host (WPHostingSpot).

Kind of similar issue I have. The site (on browser) shows Cloudflare SSL expiring tomorrow (2nd Jul) but in the CloudFlare account, it shows SSL expiry on 29th March 2022. What can be the issue here?

We figured out the issue. Kinsta normally sets customers up with their own Cloudflare integration. My site was already using Cloudflare.

When they migrated my site, they should have told me to have Cloudflare DNS point to instead of the IP address.

That seems to have solved the issue in my case.

I also received an email from Cloudflare support saying that after the Cloudflare system recognizes the DNS settings for a domain have been updated for a new account, the old account will automatically become inactive.

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