Conflict with SSL certifation



Hi, i moving my DNS records to Cloudflare, but previously im using LetsEncrypt for SSL, now in Cloudflare im try to use their SSL, but is like a conflict, my website is loading, loading and loading and is not working.

Any idea how to fixed?

This happen in 2 of my website, one with Wordpress and another one with Symfony.



What the domain? Whats the SSL status? Do you have any URL rewrites?


SSL status: i dont know, im guessing about the SSL
URL rewrites: im guessing yes, letsencrypt do a force redirect from http to https


Your domain doesnt point to Cloudflare yet, but still to DigitalOcean.


Yes, because i change and the website dont load.

So i change back to DO


Thats makes it a bit difficult to debug :slight_smile:


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