Conflict with Grow Social plug in- Pinterest Images

Hi, I seem to have a conflict with the Grow Social plug in- when I try to see Hidden Pinterest images, they won’t load (show as broken images). Their support said “I’m able to pull up image thumbnails in the Pin modal on Safari, but not in any other browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) so I think this could related to Cloudflare security settings.” Is there a setting I can change to allow users to pin images from my site? Thanks!

Hi there,

This is likely due to WAF blocking it.
I suggest that you open your Security Events and set the time to 30 minutes/Live updating, then try and trigger the issue and see where/why it’s getting blocked.
After you find that out, it’s only a mater of creating exceptions for your specific use case.

If you’re unable to find it, I suggest recording a HAR file with the issue happening from a user perspective and opening a ticket attaching that HAR.

How to generate a HAR file

Take care.

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