Conflict with app and iOS private relay

While I am connected with app (DNS only mode) I am not able to load email content with the new private relay feature.
In the Mail app I get: Unable to load remote content privately.
Disabling in DNS queries mode fixes the problem.
Am I the only one with this issue?

Well, what’s the point of running both private relay and app? It’s like running two VPNs at the same time (eventhough it’s DNS only, it acts as VPN too)

Also, private relay uses Cloudflare’s WARP as one of their providers, so using private relay is enough.

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I have the same, but when using the DoH profile as a .mobileconfig.

If its enabled, it all works fine, but get the Unable to Load Remote content. If I disable the .mobileconfig and use standard DNS it works.

Private relay currently works only for Safari and Mail (and maybe other Apple apps, I don’t know).
Thus I still need app for DNS resolution on Firefox and third party apps.

Then just use Cloudflare WARP+ ?

Those are still two different services: only Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection will prevent email senders from learning information about your Mail activity: Use Mail Privacy Protection on iPhone - Apple Support

Not only email assets (images etc) are being fetched via a remote server but they are fetched whether the email has been open or not. Thus senders are not able to establish if emails are being opened or not.

Looks like Apple is aware of the issue If you see 'Unable to load remote content privately' at the top of an email - Apple Support (NG)

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