Conflict when activating Zaraz

Good morning, I’m having trouble solving the following question:

When I enable Zaraz, the buttons and clicks don’t work.
I already kept in touch with the theme developer and the hosting provider and the provider replied as follows:

"We were able to replicate the same during the checks. Investigating it further, we found that the website was showing the below errors on the browser console when clicking on any of the CTA (Call to action) buttons/links:

Error: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to fetch at window . zaraz._p (s.js?==:1:1850)
at s.js?

In this case, we recommend following the below steps for a possible fix:

  1. Disable the Cloudflare plugin for the website.

  2. Close all site tabs in the browser.

  3. Clear the browser cookie/cache in the browser.

  4. Restart the browser and login to the Cloudflarecom portal.

  5. Purge full site cache in Cloudflare settings.

  6. Now, please close the browser and reopen the browser.

  7. Please access the website and try to check the buttons/links and they will be clickable without any issues and no errors will be triggered too.

I did the above procedures and it didn’t work.
Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you very much,



Hi @joze, we would need more information from you. Can you please email [email protected] with explanations on how we can reproduce the bug? We’ll take a look into it. Thank you!

@yair-dovrat Thank you very much.
I already sent the email to you.
After uninstalling the Fastest Cache plugin it seems the buttons are back to normal and working.

Excellent, Thank you very much.

Hi @yair-dovrat How are you?

I’m facing the same issue when I want to crawl a button using CSS. The button is stuck not having any action but registering in the G4

I immediately uninstalled the Fastest Cache plugin but unlike the previous one, this site did not work Serviços Web & Manutenção em Sites - JOSECELSO.COM

Thank you very much for your attention.