Conflict (somewhere) between Cloudflare and website's Concrete5 CMS



Our website is built using the Concrete5 CMS. Since we set up our Cloudflare (basic account) yesterday we are unable to access the CMS - we can login but if we try to do anything we are immediately kicked out. So I was wondering if there are any Conrete5 users out there using Cloudflare and who may have had the same problem initially but overcame it, or if there’s anyone who could hazard a guess as to why there is this conflict? Many thanks. David


Not sure… but has your SSL certificate been issued yet? When you get kicked out is there an error?


We have an SSL on our actual server and have for a long time. We haven’t been issued with any other by Clioudflare - were we supposed to have been?

Cloudflare Support gave me the following response to my query:

Hi David,
I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. There are some setting changes you’ll need to make in Cloudflare’s dashboard in order for most CMS systems to work correctly. You’ll want to add a Page Rule to disable all performance features and caching on the admin section of your site. Please take a look at the below document for steps on how to do this:

*Page Rules Tutorial

After creating a page rule, you’ll want to purge your cache (both in your browser and within Cloudflare) and reload the page. If you’re still having issues after this, please include a screenshot of the error in your browser, including the full address bar, and a HAR file of the problem.

So I will have a go with their solution early next week (don’t know what page rules are, yet) when I have more time. In the meantime I’ve changed the name servers away from Cloudflare and all is working fine again. However, I do want to get Cloudflare working on our site.

Thanks for your suggestion.