Conflict of nameservers



Hi, I’ve recently created a website and added it to Cloudflare. The problem is I’m getting mixed nameservers. As in the attached files, you can see that I get an email stating that I should change my nameservers to

  1. graham . ns. cloudflare . com
  2. tess.ns. cloudflare . com
    But in my account, it says to change them to:
    dean.ns.cloudflare . com
    tess.ns.cloudflare . com

Could you please send through the correct nameservers and check if my account is ok, thanks. When you go to it also shows a skeleton panel page. This is the website I’ve assigned to my account. Can anybody help?



My take would be the email mentioned the wrong one and it should be dean. Cloudflare’s nameservers (including graham) return dean as authoritative server.


Hi @user7662, it looks like that domain was added a couple of times and that’s why you’re seeing different names. Your best best is to get in touch with support AT cloudflare DOT com from the email address you used to create the account and they’ll work with you to sort it out.