Conflict between Cloudflare proxied DNS and WordPress Ultimate Affiliate Pro Plugin

Hi, I have problem
When I change my domain DNS records to proxied mode, my website’s UAP (Ultimate Affiliate Pro) registration form doesn’t work, when I turn off proxied mode, it works properly, any advice?

That claim is too vague.


I don’t think so.
It is what it is.
When I turn Proxied on, the register button on the Ultimate affiliate Pro plugin registration form is not working at all, no reaction.
I click on it and nothing happens.
But when I turn it off, the button works properly as it should be.

I’ve found that this problem occurs when I’m using the famous AVADA theme, when I switch o another theme, Problem solves, But I want to use the AVADA theme, so I need to find why this is happening and how to fix it.
any Idea?

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