Conflict between cloudflare and wordfence code is 503 Service Unavailable

I manage a wordpress site and I use Wordfence Security. Wordfence needs this connection to update and analyze the site. since i changed my DNS to cloudfare. worfence no longer works. the plugin uses the wp_remote_post request which is blocked by cloudfare.
when i reset my original dns, wordfence works fine
Can you tell me how to let wordfence connect this to the outside

I’ve not had this problem. Is your server’s IP address in the Allow list in Firewall -> Tools?

hi ,

Thank you for your answer , I add the wordfence server ip to
in Firewall / tools. but it doesn’t work, however I have no problem with wordpress updates

Do you see any entries in the Firewall Events Log? If so, please post a screenshot of those.

hi ,

I solved my problem through firewall events. I got the IP address from the server.
thank you for your help

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