Conflict between APO and CFF Calculated Field Forms Wordpress plugin


I had to deactive the APO CloudFlare since the forms provided by CFF do not work (dont whow up).

Anyone knows how to fix it?

Once I deactivated APO, CFF plugin works as ussual.


You can see the forms in action here:

Maybe @yevgen could help. Kindly and patiently wait for his reply

Regarding Contact forms and APO, I assume it could be due to wrong cache settings.

I tested Calculadora Indemnización por trabajo parte en blanco y parte en negro with APO enabled, it shows the form even the page is served from APO cache.
I also checked Calculated Fields Form – WordPress plugin | source code, I couldn’t find anything specific we need to adjust in APO for the plugin.


I tried again activating APO but the problem is now again and there is another problem with contact form 7 ( since it’s not working…

Unfortunately, I was forced to deactivate again APO

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