Confirming Namesaver Issue


I signed up for CloudFlare on Friday, 7/28. I went through to the DNS list, then got to the page where I have to copy and paste the nameservers they CloudFlare wants us to use.

I went to Name. com, where I manage my domain. I copy and pasted the new nameservers into the fields at name. com.

However, I never pressed apply changes, so nothing changed on name. com’s server. Furthermore, I went to CloudFlare and pressed a button that confirmed I changed nameservers. At this point I realize I did not satisfy what CloudFlare was asking me to do.

So…I went back to name. com, then applied changes. I returned to CloudFlare and went to apply changes with them and CloudFlare said I could only do this once per hour.

I went back to it for the first time today and it said that I was good to go, as if the whole thing worked already.

I checked my name. com nameservers and they were still the originals before I knew anything about CloudFlare. So then I went to name. com and changed the name servers to what CloudFlare said to change it to. On Name. com I pressed accept changes.

Now, I dont know where to confirm a change with CloudFlare. How do I refresh and make sure I am good to go. Is there a status or diagnostic I can do to make sure I am good to go? Or do I need to just wait 24 hours? Thanks in advance to anyone who can break this down for me or point me in an already archived answer!




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Hey there. You can check with the following command: dig NS +short

Alternatively, you can check using this site - it will display Cloudflare IPs if you are using their nameservers.

Or… provide your URL and I can check :smiley:


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Try the following:

dig your.domain ns +short

In your case the answer should be (and is):

You can also check using nslookup on Windows:

set type=ns

Or you can use and search for type NS record.

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@cscharff confirmed that you are using Cloudflare nameservers.

I can also confirm that :satellite:

If you’re using Chrome, you can install the Claire browser extension - which also verifies your traffic is being routed through Cloudflare.


So, I’m good to go?