Confirming HTTP/2

I’m trying to determine if HTTP/2 is active and followed the instructions at:

Sorry… forum would not let me post this for some reason…

How can I tell if HTTP 2 or SPDY is working for my website?

which says

To determine what protocol is used for your connection you can visit example dot com/cdn-cgi/trace (replacing example dot com with your domain name). You should see information similar to the example below:

but received “The requested URL was not found on this server.”

Yes, I replaced with my url.

Is there something bigger wrong with my setup?

Your browser’s Dev Tools will let you open a Network tab to check the HTTP headers for each request. You can do pretty much the same thing with GTMetrix, WebPageTest, or Pingdom Tools in Waterfall view.

Or just post the domain and we can take a look.

Sounds like your site is not :orange:and thus not being proxied by Cloudflare.


@cs-cf You were right. I still was not being proxied even though other indicators said otherwise. Thank you!

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