Confirm and finalize transfer button not working on cloudflares domain transfers

Hi there,

The domain is hosted on cloudflare and active,
I am transferring from Namecheap to Cloudflare

I add in the authentication code, it asks for my details, everything is fine

But when I clidk to “confirm and finalize transfer” the button itself is not working.
it changes for a fraction of a second, and then… does nothing.

I have tried this using Chrome and Firefox, both fail to actually transfer the domain.

Please help



i have the same problem here

any help?


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yes… not able to click on button… please help…

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I am having the same issue. Clicking on the “confirm and finalize transfer” button performs a little animation then stops. I am using the recent version of Firefox on a PC. I have logged in and logged out and still have the same issue.

(I also note in case it’s related that when I sign on I sometimes get an API error flash on the bottom of the screen that it didn’t access the robot test, but it lets me in anyway. I wonder if the “confirm and finalize transfer” is relying on the robot test before processing the credit card. Just a theory. :slight_smile:

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Same issue here. Got error 422 respond from backend API.


Same here. “Confirm and finalize transfer” shows a spinning circle for a split second but does nothing. I’ve tried on multiple browsers and computers.


Same issue for me. Just happened.


Yeah having the same issue too


Same issue. Please resolve.

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Same Issue… Submitted a support ticket (via free account) and linked to this post.


This is indeed broken. It doesn’t work from mobile or desktop. I have tried different domains (with different TLDs) and also fiddling with the transfer lock, but no dice.

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Same issue.

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Same issue as well. I opened a ticket for support on this issue over 12 hrs. ago. No help.

Same issue for me too - various 422 errors returned (in Dev Tools) when clicking “Confirm and Finalize Transfer”, yet Service Status site indicates “All Systems Operational”!

Edit: Support Ticket raised:1933834

If you don’t mind posting your ticket number here, perhaps @cloonan or other Cloudflare staff may be able to have a look at it.

The ticket number is 1933233. Hopefully someone can help.



Please make sure your phone is formatted like: +country number i.e. +52.9876543210

Hope this helps!


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Changing the phone number format didn’t help!

Same issue for me as well. First spotted 13-14 hours ago

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The solution is to format the telephone number as follows: +country number
Make sure you place the “+” at the beginning of the number and a “.” after the country code.