Configuring WP Rocket

I am trying to configure Wp Rocket on my site and got the following error:

  • Critical CSS for e-landing-page not generated. Error: Cloudflare protection prevents the service from accessing the website. Please allow list these IP addresses in your Cloudflare account: and If that doesn’t help, please ask Cloudflare’s support to allow access to our tool.

I have set up IP Access rules Allowing both of these addresses but I still get the error.

Can someone advise me?

Hey @user13665

The issue seems to be that Cloudflare is blocking the IP addresses and I’ve used WP Rocket on other sites with Cloudflare, and in order to prevent them from being blocked by Cloudflare’s bot fight mode, you need to add these IP addresses to the allowlist.

A suggestion could be something similar to the below image, where I have made an example rule to allowlist those IP addresses from Botfight mode.

Thank you for your time
I have tried that and still get error.

I have also looked in my Firewall Events and don’t see anything from these addresses.?

Any other ideas?

It seems that these activities should be recorded in the logs, indicating that they are being blocked, so if nothing is present that’s interesting. When I used WP Rocket, super bot fight mode caused the blocks. The rule I mentioned earlier should resolve the issue.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the WAF > Tools section and allowlist the IP addresses. However, I advise against this as allowlisting IP addresses here would bypass all protections. Hence why I posted the earlier message by bypassing super bot fight mode as Cloudflare recently made it customizable.

If none of these suggestions work, it’s possible that there might be a custom rule in place that is causing the blocks?

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