Configuring the Cloudflare WAF between my CDN and Origin Server

I’d like for my WAF to sit between my CDN and origin servers (CDN → WAF → Origin). Has anyone successfully deployed the WAF using this configuration? For more context, customers point their domains to my CDN and I want traffic coming from their domains to be protected too.

Are you referring to a CDN you operate yourself, or to your Cloudflare account?

If you are referring to the latter, that would need Cloudflare for SaaS.

I’m using Fastly

So you have a Fastly account configured for each of your customers domains, and you want to configure each of those domains on a Cloudflare account, and use the Cloudflare account as the origin for the Fastly CDN?

You will not be able to use a lot of the features of the Cloudflare WAF, including anything using IP, ASN, Country, Verified Bots etc.

The setup will be a mess, as you will need to verify each domain in different ways which will probably require a lot of intervention by you, support from either company would be tricky, and probably lots of other reasons why this sounds like a nasty solution.

Why not use either Cloudflare for SaaS, which gives both CDN and WAF, or Fastly with their

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