Configuring subdomain with URL forwarding

we are an NGO with limited IT support.We use cloudflare for caching our main web site and speeding it up along with added security from DNS attacks.

We now have another applications which is hosted in aws, this is different from our main web site.To access this application a CNAME record “submomain name” is created pointing to the aws URL along with Page rule forwarding the " with URL forwarding to "http:// Aws url “. when someone types subdomain. in his browser , he is directed to the aws web location alright but the problem is that the browser display also changes to “http://aws…” whereas we want the same to display only "” . Is there any way we can accomplish on cloudflare? Is the method of configuring appropriate?


Hi @ksumathykrishnan,

You said about the page rule redirecting the subdomain to the AWS URL, this is what causes it to display the AWS address in the browser. If you don’t want that, you will need to remove the redirect.

Is the application on AWS configured to respond to your subdomain? If so, you should just need the DNS record, not the redirect page rule as well.

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