Configuring Ssl with Wordpress

So i have ssl activated and working fine on my website however you will notice the contact form is not working because of the settings

normally i would make settings on my smtp plugin on the back end of the wordpress

but the setting is not passes i think because now ssl handling the nameservers for the mails
what is the right settings my ssl dashboard is to have

please advise

attached herewith is the screenshots

![ssl 1|690x431]
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Everything looks good in DNS. The contact form shows up, but when I submit a request, it just spins endlessly. Are you seeing any errors in your server logs?

I use WP Mail SMTP, but have it configured to send through Mailgun.

What Contact Form plugin is that?

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Hi, thanks for checking out I use contact form 7 there, so do you use mail gun service

I am using the default mail service, is mailgul a seperate mail service ryt

I am still in search for solution

You didn’t answer this question.

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