Configuring Route53 with CloudFlare and Third Party Hosting Provider

We currently use AWS Route 53 as our authoritative DNS server and that directs traffic to various servers at AWS, Microsoft, etc… We host our website on SiteGround.

We would like to take advantage of Cloudflare for our website, but I’m not sure of how to setup things in Route53 and the Cloudflare DNS so that it properly redirects traffic for the apex domain as well as the www domain. Everything I’ve tried has resulted in a redirect mess.

If you wanted to keep Route53 as your authoritative DNS, you can only delegate hostname to Cloudflare using CNAME setup that available for Business Plan and above.

I’m not sure if Route53 support CNAME flattening, if they do, you can delegate the APEX to Cloudflare as well, if they don’t you will need to redirect the APEX to the subdomain that you delegate to Cloudflare.

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