Configuring path on cloudflare tunnels (http://ip/path)


I am trying to configure my tunnel to use a path i.e. I am placing the /timetrex in the optional path, but if I navigate to my site it does not forward to that path, i have to manually type it in the browser:

any ideas on what I might be missing? again, I can get to the site over the tunnel if I manually put the /timetrax after my subdomain in my browser, but if I don’t include it, it will not route even though it is included in the path section of the tunnel config.

That is expected. The path does not act as a forwarder, but just covers the path. You can use something like bulk redirects to auto redirect.

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Oh wow. This makes sense. I thought it also forwarded the path. Thank you for the clarification. I hope this helps someone else as well!

Thanks again!

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