Configuring Netgear R9000 Router for IPv6


I’m using a Netgear R9000 and I found where in the settings to set up the IPv6 DNS servers. But there’s like… WAY too many boxes to fill with information.

Where do I officially input the 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001?


In an IPv6 address, “::” is an abbreviation for multiple groups of zeros. (Separately, leading zeros in one group can also be elided.)

2606:4700:4700::1111 is short for 2606:4700:4700:0:0:0:0:1111 or, to be even more verbose, 2606:4700:4700:0000:0000:0000:0000:1111.


Awesome, thanks!


This should be added to the official documentation for adding to your router.


this doesn’t work for the Netgear Orbi - it used to, but no longer does.
My ISP is Comast and for as a yet unknown reason IPV6 DNS is broken and Comcast don’t care.

Wish there was a way to prove that Comcast is blocking the DNS?