Configuring IIS to allow Cloudflare IPs only


I allowed CF IPs only in IIS, however, when I select deny rule for all unspecified clients, my website is inaccessible.

Any advice on this?


Can you screenshot and share your exact rules here so people here can have a look at it?

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HI Martin (hope I spelled it properly) :slight_smile:

Here is the photo and the instruction I followed. At first, I have added only ipv4 addresses and turned on the deny rule. Couldn’t connect to the website. Next I added ipv6 and turned on the deny rule and again got the error.

This is the link to the instruction and I used it for my website.

I only did it through IIS. I have Win server with Plesk panel.


Well first: sorry I’m not a IIS pro, nor have I ever used Windows for anything related to hosting. But I see there are some usecases for.
But with Plesk I’m very good at.

Referring to this post:

there are two ways of enabeling CloudFlare IPs

  1. Per Domain inside Plesk:
  2. Global (what you tried):
    filtering - IIS only serve requests with hostnames - Server Fault

Hope these links will help you or maybe other people here which are better with IIS


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