Configuring CNAME

@sandro Could I ask you for another tip?

By accident, not realising that it’s needed, we remove the CNAME entry test after we switched on the page rules. Once we realised the mistake, we added the CNAME entry test back to the DNS settings. The entry is again an alias of We also compared it to setup we had before making any changes to CF (we had a screenshot).

However, the subdomain test isn’t working. Readding the CNAME was done >1 hr ago.


  • it’s a site hosted on gitlab
  • all certs are set correctly (as the subdomain did work beforehand) and verified via gitlab
  • nothing was changed, we added the page rules, mistakenly removed the CNAME retry

Any ideas would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

You also need to configure the hostname at Gitlab’s side. As long as they do not know about it they cant serve content.

OK. I’ll review.

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