Configuring Cloudflare with hosting

Hi there,

I have some hosting set up through and signed up for the CloudFlare free plan to get access to SSL encryption for my site.

I’ve added the CloudFlare nameservers to my domain registrar account, and imported my DNS settings into CloudFlare, but I’m still getting a Not Secure message when viewing my site.

The CNAME record shows as proxied through CloudFlare with the orange cloud, and I have these CloudFlare settings enabled:

  • Flexible mode turned on
  • Always Use HTTPS turned on
  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

Is there anything anyone can suggest that I’m missing from my configuration?

Thanks for your help!

Your browser is not wrong. Flexible SSL is not secure.

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Hi @sdayman,

Thanks for your reply.

I had been wondering about that. has a free hosting option but if you use your own custom domain an SSL is not provided for you and can’t be uploaded, so switching to Full Mode wouldn’t help since you can’t actually get a SSL cert onto the server.

Just wanted to type up my current understanding now. Does that sound about right?

That sounds correct. Without SSL on your server, you can not switch to a secure Full (Strict) connection.

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