Configuring Cloudflare with Siteground and SSL problem

I am trying to set cloudflare.
My DNS is managed elsewhere.
I made the cname changes in my DNS settings.

But once I did that, I got an SSL mismatch error.

I was forced to reset my DNS settings as I can’t allow my website to be down

Siteground Support Response is:

The issue is most-likely caused by the Cloudflare SSL for your domain name ***.com. The only way to check what may cause the problem is by re-activating your Cloudflare CDN and then checking your Cloudflare account. In order to do that, we would need your confirmation that we can enable the Cloudflare CDN for your domain name ***.com and also your Cloudflare account password. Please also make sure to stop any authentications from your Cloudflare account so we would be able to access it.

Alternatively, you can directly contact Cloudflare support team so they can check the Cloudflare SSL certificate and if it is properly fetching your domain name.

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