Configuring Cloudflare with Separate Registrar and Host


Is there a way to configure Cloudflare if I am using a separate host and domain registrar? I am currently using Bluehost as my host and Hover as the registrar. I have updated the nameservers on Hover (the domain registrar) to point to Cloudflare. Are there any other updates that I need to do on Bluehost or my Cloudflare account to configure this correclty?

Hi @joyfulaltitude,

If you’ve already set up Cloudflare nameservers in your registrar, now you need to point the desired DNS records to Bluehost.

In general cases, you will create an A record for @ (root domain) pointing to your Bluehost IP, and a CNAME for www pointing to the root domain.

This support page provides more information on how to manage DNS records:

Great, this is very helpful. Thank you!

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