Configuring Cloudflare WAF with Mobile App on Azure

We have a mobile app hosted on Azure and want the traffic to be routed through Cloudflare.

The domain is already in cloudflare and WAF is enabled.

We added an A record for the domain and IP of the mobile app server and set it to Proxied.

On Azure portal, the mobile App has an NSG which is source and destination any for HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

Cloudflare is now showing traffic hitting this domain and what is being blocked. However, some traffic is still bypassing Cloudflare somehow. We know this because we are detecting attacks coming from various places and the traffic is hitting the server directly rather than Cloudflare. Cloudflare also has no log of the IP’s we are seeing.

What do we need to to ensure that all traffic is routed through Cloudflare WAF?

You’d have to set up a firewall at the server to drop any traffic that doesn’t come from the IP addresses listed at

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