Configuring Cloudflare HTTPS with Auto-SSL issued to domain by cPanel


To test this out I have setup a temporary database (only last 3 months data) with https:// in the code base (without any redirection plugin) and have enabled Cloudflare with Full (Strict) mode.

Now even when I have installed AutoSSL certificate in cPanel, when I enable Cloudflare the SSL certificate showing is the one issued by Cloudflare. See the screenshot below. And also the 502 error still continues to exist :frowning:

If nothing works then I think I’ll have to pause Cloudflare to get the site working again.


I have notice 2 new behaviors now;

  1. If I set SSL mode to Flexible in Cloudflare then the site appears to load but its layout is broken as below;

  1. As suggested my support, I ran a test on webpagetest and it shows that a CDN is correctly in use

Test result: WebPageTest Test - Running web page performance and optimization tests...

And now that the site is down, I had no option left other than pausing Cloudflare once again to get the site up.