Configuring Cloudflare Firewall

due to hackers managing to logging into my WordPress website and bypassing Wordfence premium and 2FA i setup Cloudflare premium and setup Firewall, seems like that did the job and blocked attempts are finally down.

My question is, i want to keep the firewall on, but i have an API server running on DigitalOcean that needs access, how do i set it up to allow them access? also is there someone i can hire, or a guide for configuring the firewall?


This part concerns me. Are you using Wordfence’s 2FA? Any idea how they got around that?

Even the free plan should work for you. Was there something in particular on the paid plan you needed?

Cloudflare Firewall prioritizes “Allow” rules. Nevertheless, I put my Allow rule first. Yours will probably look something like:

You can probably leave the second check for Path off if you trust your IP address.

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No idea how they bypassed 2FA, but every time they supposedly logged in to the admin user i received an email from WordFence and 2FA that a login was made from an IP that is not mine and of course i wasn’t by the computer when it happened. i hired a security expert, he looked at the files for two days and he said he saw the login activity but couldn’t explain it either. i was told a plugin with a exploit could be the way to bypass these but the security expert said he combed through the code and didnt find anything either.

No i dont need any special security features from Cloudflare premium, i just need to make sure my login is protected. if i remember correctly the zone lock down is only available on premium plan.

You probably don’t need Zone Lockdown. That’s just a fancy set of Firewall Rules.

Access and/or Firewall Rules do something similar, but they’re free.

But with some sort of security hole in the site, it’s difficult to rest easy, even with Cloudflare in front of the site.

I have a custom plugin we’ve been working on for the last year, i;ve encoded it so I’m not as concerned from the hackers anymore. but i dont think i know how to setup these Firewall Rules to replace Zone Lockdown.

You can adjust firewall rules until you get the right combination of paths you want to limit to a set of IP addresses.

So can i use your screenshot (modify to fit my IPs of course) and set a rule and that should be enough?

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