Configuring CF with Quic Cloud?

I get that error when going to which is the cpanel link, I can get to cpanel after going through the host portal though
This is the error:

400 Bad Request
The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port

When using CF directly i didnt have an issue, but when i connected Quic Cloud CDN is when it stopped working, i can still visit the site though, its just cpanel

To configure QC CDN i deleted the root and www A records and replaced it with this, after it worked i enabled CF proxy



I also created a subdomain for the public html directory but it doesnt work, i dont know if thats related to this cpanel problem

How can i fix the cpanel issue and the subdomain issue?


Since their service is returning the error you should ask them. It appears Cloudflare is simply providing DNS in this instance. This isn’t a DNS error.

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