Configuring Blogger with Cloudflare - SSL issues

Hi, I have familiarised myself with the existing posts on this topic but looking for help to finalise a few settings.

I have had my Blogger site at set up for a short while and everything was working correctly in terms of SSL and so the site was fully functioning, existing Blogger settings are as follows:

Re-direct non-WWW path to WWW = Yes
HTTPS Re-direct HTTP to HTTPS = On

I had Cloudlfare up and running fine for a week or so, or at least I thought I did, until I was made aware that some clients were seeing 525 errors. I disabled Cloudfare based on the advice seen here until I was confident the site was working fine with Google’s own SSL / without Cloudflare.

Now I’ve come across a lot of mixed advice on this subject however I currently have Cloudflare SSL set to full-strict, but also read elsewhere on the net this should be flexible and full - does anyone really know?

Also not sure if any re-directs should be set up on Cloudflare given I have done so at Bloggers end, as things stand on Cloudflare settings are as follows? Taken this approach in as a process of elimination.

Always use HTTPS = Off
Opportunistic Encryption = Off
Automatic HTTP rewrites = Off

Now the strange thing is that I’ve so far not seen any site errors, however sometimes the SSL padlock shows Cloudflares SSL and sometimes it shows Googles SSL, I’m assuming this is not normal Cloudlfalre behaviour? On a side note I have been switching settings on and off when I have seen this happen, ensuring that I use a new / fresh browser each time. Do these SSL changes need time to propagate in the same way that DNS changes do?

You should set your SSL Mode to “Full Strict” and should enable “Always Use HTTPS”.

Everything else looks fine, and testing your site directly to the Blogger IP address it looks good.

Thanks for responding Michael, and for recommending the additional settings and checking over the site. I appreciate your help.

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