Configuring Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress

Hello - I’m testing out implementing Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress on my website. I’m testing results through Page Speed Insights and GT Metrix. Results look promising but also inconsistent when testing from different datacenters in the US. Also Page Speed Insights and GT Metrix seem to have much different results.

I have a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help me out with.

  1. After enabling APO how long before everything works across all data centers and show consistent results?
  2. I have disabled WP Rocket because I read that it is incompatible with APO. Is there another plugin that is recommended for deferring JS, lazy loading etc?

Thank you in advance.

Someone else will know more about Q1
For Q2: I use the Smush Wordpress Plugin for lazy loading etc and minify JS in CF settings

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APO just enables cache for the HTML resources, and is effective immediately. You will see this reflected in the cf-cache-status header and apo headers. As with any cached resource, such as images, the first few visitors gets a MISS until the cache populates, and later visitors will get a HIT until that resource is purged, expired, or evicted.

The only known issue with APO and WP Rocket compatibility is Rocket’s JavaScript minification, they need to purge CF cache when minified version is ready, you can switch to Cloudflare’s minification and leave WP Rocket running. Please note: you need to clear WP rocket caching once APO is activated.


When I enable both there is a big warning message across the top of wp admin telling me they are incompatible and to disable. That doesn’t go away either. Is there a plan to fix that? Is it worth having WP Rocket running for deferring CSS and Javascript?

I can’t comment about WP Rocket plans, there is an ongoing thread on github about making WP Rocket work nicely with APO.

Is it worth having WP Rocket running for deferring CSS and Javascript?

You should test it out on your site as it may vary based on the content and site configuration.

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