Configured my domain with cloudflare nameservers, it's been >24hours

[Need Help] I have configured my domain name with cloudflare nameservers since yesterday afternoon, and it’s been >24hours, cloudflare shows that it’s not active yet.

Anyone please help to check if I configured correctly?

It can take up to 48 hours. It still has a ways to go. If it continues to go this badly, you’ll have to ask your domain registrar why it’s taking so long for your name server change to propagate.

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Thank you, I have done 4 times before and it only took just a few hours, this time it takes too long, that’s why I am worried.

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You should change your nameservers back to the default, let them propagate, and then add the zone to cloudflare, appears the change was done prior to adding the site.

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Here is the registrar’s reply:


We would like to let you know that the domain is pointed to custom nameservers. you can check it here

Per our check, the nameservers are configured correctly on our end. Please contact your DNS/ Hosting provider

The BasicDNS manager is not available for your domain since you have delegated it to custom nameservers.

This means that DNS zone and all DNS host records (including A/CNAME/MX/TXT records) can be now managed only from the side of your DNS/hosting provider. You might want to contact your current DNS/hosting provider to check if it’s possible to modify host records on their end.

So I am confused, should I ask the original registrar or CloudFlare for such propagation issue?
Since I have changed the original NameCheap nameservers to CloudFlare assigned nameservers.

Thanks for the advice, I will do so now.

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I tried your idea, changed back to Namecheap and waited for DNS propagation, it went fast, so I changed back to CloudFlare last night, I checked this morning, the propagation become super slow again.

I decide to wait for another 48 hours to see if it is able to complete later.

Hmm, so they reverted to non cloudflare nameservers and the site was working OK?

If so, at that point you should

I see the site has cf nameservers that appear to be propagating, but the site is not added to cloudflare. As such, it should not have cf nameservers.

I changed back to Namecheap nameservers last evening and then deleted the CF site inside the CF account, and then I used the CF wizards to add it back, the dashboard showed it cannot add back, even though the wizards shows it is added to CF, last night I thought it was a cache delay on CF website.

I still can access the CF page just now:

And yes, the site worked fine with namecheap nameservers, I even opened the by default namecheap webpage yesterday.

I am using few domains with Namecheap and Cloudflare nameservers.

If you recently changed them, maybe we need to wait some time due to DNS propagation time.

The Cloudflare nameservers need to be added under Custom DNS - as you stated, example of: But maybe you forgot to click the green :white_check_mark: checkmark right next to it to save them?

Or rather you added them under Advanced DNS → Custom NS?

A Namecheap guide can be found here:

Usually, for my domains at Namecheap the nameserver change is within an hour.

After you apply them, you can flush the DNS record by desired type (just in case) using below tool:

As far as you recently reverted them back, you might have to wait for 72 hours to fully propagate.
Kindly, re-check and make sure in the field’s are only Cloudflare nameservers.

Or, rather it could be some longer wait time (TTL) due to the .us ccTLD? (just guessing)

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My another two domain names are also with namecheap + cloudflare, and they are both good.
I didn’t meet any trouble like the one: yesterday.

I don’t know what’s wrong with this domain name.

I am using domains with Namecheap and Cloudflare nameservers.

I’m afraid there’s just nothing Clouflare can do until that name server change gets pushed out by your registrar.

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Maybe I need to return this domain name and purchase another one from GoDaddy.
The experience is definitely not a good one.

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I’m afraid there’s just nothing Clouflare can do until that name server change gets pushed out by your registrar.

Check my updated post above :wink:


Yes, my previous domain names with namecheap change were within an hour as well.
I as well guess it might be something related to the “.us”.

I would rather refund this domain name and try other domain names instead.

Just now I talked to a namecheap customer service, they helped to change the nameservers to CF nameservers on their side, and then the propagation started to happen very quickly.
I will wait for some time to see if this time CF will take over the domain name.


Always had great experience with them, fast and reliable, correct and done everything when I needed it (even at 3-4AM a clock within my timezone) :+1:

Sure. You will get an e-mail notification as a confirmation when Cloudflare is active for your domain name :wink:


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