Configure web app run with CPanel

Hello how are you?
I would like to have your help to configure my java application which works on Tomcat with CPANEL. The application runs on a subdomain of the type: https: // 10005. How can I secure this with Spectrum (Hide original IP address) and make it work? thank you in advance

You would need an Enterprise Plan (big bucks) and then the Spectrum add-on.

Hello sdayman, thank you for your response. I will check in my pocket to see if i can!! :sweat_smile:

If you don’t have enough pocket change (don’t forget to check the couch), a Cloudflare Worker (or Portzilla) can perform a similar function, but the App would have to connect to a different port from this list (I need to verify if Workers/Portzilla can listen on any of these ports):