Configure waiting room for api server

Is it possible to configure a waiting room in an api server? The functionality of the waiting room is basically what I need but in this case I don’t have hi traffic pages but high traffic services which I want to control.
I was told it can be managed but the information in the docs only mention site pages.

Thanks for any comment on this topic.

I guess the bigger question is how does the app calling the API behave if their request is delayed? For a site page, it’s easy to tell a human to wait. More difficult to tell that to an app that has error routines.

I’ll be expecting that the process will simply be waiting for the response to happen and if they have a timeout configure they would be clossing the request if it takes more than that.

And on the waiting room if that happens that request would be taken out of the room, or something like that.

So would it be possible?

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