Configure two domain names pointing to same IP


I have two different registered domain names (not a subdomain) that lead to the same IP - same web site.
Since it’s the same IP, same web server, same web site, how can I set it up to be protected under the same account?


So you have two domains which should point to the same content? In that case you don’t need anything special on your server, just that content configured as default domain, though that’s a question for your host.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned you just add both domains and configure their DNS records accordingly. That’s it.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Just to make sure: I have a business account in which I’ve added the first domain name. I don’t want to open another domain on cloudflare (paying double) since its the same IP, same web server just a different name.
Is it possible to add the other domain name without defining another site? (i.e just adding a CNAME or an A record…)

The second domain on the Free plan would work too, you’d just add it.

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