"Configure Super Bot Fight Mode" Selectors Not Working

Unfortunately, we’re unable to change the settings for “Super Bot Fight Mode.”

Specifically, every time we try to change a dropdown selector (say, from “Allow” to “Block”) or the toggle switch, the setting reverts back automatically to its original state.

For details, click here: Screenshot by Lightshot

Further digging reveals the above – apparently – is happening only to those who purchased Cloudflare’s Pro or Business Plan through a reseller such as SiteGround.

So, based on the above, we initiated a ticket and received the following response from Cloudflare Support:

I’ve seen a couple of other cases that SBFM is not toggling for plans purchased through resellers, I’ve already raised an investigation with our engineering, and I’ve added this case to this investigation.

We’ll follow up with you once we hear back from our engineering team.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue? If so, what was the fix?

Most likely, this is a global issue that needs to be solved by Cloudflare’s DevOps Team.

Once we hear back from Cloudflare Customer Support, we’ll update this topic.


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