Configure Only a Sub-domain


When we try to add a sub-domian while creating a new site, we get an error because Cloudflare requires a root domain.

Our client’s domain have several A records & CNAMEs etc and it will require them to make a lot of updates to their internal network if we configure the DNS for root domain under Cloudflare.

We wanted to know if it possible to configure Cloudflare only on a sub-domain and not on the root domain so we can configure without configuring the complete DNS to run from Cloudflare?


Cloudflare requires you to add your domain, that’s right. If you want to use Cloudflare on a sub-domain only, you would probably need the Business Plan, as it allows CNAME setup.

Don’t know about your current DNS setup, but if you want, you could switch to Cloudflare with your domain and direct other subdomains via an NS entry to another name server or set those other subdomains as DNS-only (:ngrey:).

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