Configure MX Records for Third-Party Email Service?

I’m preparing to configure our WordPress site to utilize Cloudflare.

At our web host, our A Records resolve to a typical IP Address, but our MX Records are pointed to a third-party Email Protection Service with its own proprietary server address.

(Obfuscated example):
A * 123.456.789.01
A www

These are all correct, but when switching to CF it’s imperative that these MX records NOT be altered/proxied, but continue to resolve to their current values.

When I perform a preliminary DNS scan for this site, CF automatically detects our current DNS setup but rather than the usual orange-cloud or gray-cloud icons, the CF dashboard displays nothing for those MX Records.

How do I achieve this?

Thank you!

Hi @ABC-Design,

Cloudflare won’t proxy MX records, hence no :orange: or :grey: is shown. As long as the records exactly match your existing ones and they point to an external service (where they point is not on your domain), you shouldn’t have any issues.


Thanks so much for that!

Appreciate the fast and helpful response to a CF newbie.

Thanks again!

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