Configure GCP, Google Domain with Cloudflare


I am setting up my wordpress website with Google Cloud Platforrm and Google Domain, I have the following question:

I have my domain registered with Google Domains

I have my cloud hosting on GCP at

The Cloudflare provides me with Name servers, 2 of them.

Google Cloud has 4 name servers and so does Google Domains. Now, I have to point the Google Cloud Network Services DNS to the 4 name servers to my Google Domain.

Following that, I have to optimize with Cloudflare which gives me two name servers that I have to update my domain with, i.e. Google Domain name servers which are initially 4 now gets updated having only the 2 name servers that are provided by Cloudflare.

So is there any change I should update my Google Cloud Platform-Network services DNS settings or should they remain the original 4 name servers for that of Google Domain?

Kindly assist.


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