Configure e-mail on Android Mobile? - DNS only settings?


I am have had an issue accessing e-mail after enabling Cloudflare. I am using cpanel email with hosting on namecheap. I set up my email on android and it worked fine. When I set up Cloudflare, it stopped working on android, responding cannot connect to server.

I followed a response thread here - After CDN from Cloudflare Cannot Configure Email on Android Mobile and it seems to be working now.

I just need to confirm that my settings are correct and that I have not changed settings to ‘DNS only’ incorrectly, where it should be ‘Proxied’. I have attached a screenshot of the current Cloudflare dns .

Any comments or feedback is welcome.



Thank you for asking.

Looks all god to me, just a little issue to fix:

  1. A ftp switch from :orange: to :grey:
  2. A switch from :grey: to :orange:
  3. A cpcalendars and A cpcontacts - switch both from :orange: to :grey:

In your Android email client, make sure to use hostname as a POP3/IMAP/SMTP receiving/sending server.

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