Configure Cloudflare with Saleforce

We have Saleforce B2C, and want to use Cloudflare as stacked cdn with Salesforce which is already using ecdn hosted on cloudflare, currently using legacy zone in salesforce, and I’ve configured proxy zone with the, so I guess the first question is can I use legacy and proxy zones together? and I am not able to verify the ssl on my domain for dns. so I would really appreciate if I can get some instructions on getting this working.


Hi there,

I suppose by legacy you mean DNS only.
Yes, you can use proxied and unproxied records together in the same zone. The unproxied (dns only) will only propagate DNS and you won’t be able to apply Cloudflare features to it.
If you’re specifically referring to having 2 different records, pointing at the same origin, I don’t see any issue with it also, as long as the origin is properly configured to receive the requests aimed for both hostnames/records.

As for the SSL question, if you have access to the origin, you can simply generate an origin certificate in your Cloudflare dashboard and install it there. The origin certificate can be generated under SSL/TLS > Origin Server and it will allow you to set your SSL/TLS encryption mode all the way to Full Strict. If you need a specific hostname it to have a different type of encryption than the remaining zone, you can customize it with a configuration rule under Rules > Configuration Rules.

Take care.

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