Configure Cloudflare to send requests via HTTP/2

I have a server that supports HTTP/2, and I use Clouflare with proxy (orange cloud).

All requests made via CF show that it was made via HTTP/2, but the access log (in my server) shows it coming via HTTP 1.1.

Between CF and my server I have a load balancer, which supports HTTP 2 as well.

If I disable the Cloudflare Proxy (orange to gray cloud), and access my domain (which goes through my load balancer), I see that the request comes via HTTP/2.
This analysis leads me to believe that CF changes the HTTP/2 request to HTTP 1.1 before it gets to my load balancer.

What can be done to get everything transferred via HTTP/2, and just as a fallback it be changed to HTTP 1.1?

Cloudflare only supports 1.1 to the Origin, even if eyeball requests are served over H/2 or H/3.

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