Configure Cloudflare Network Tunnel to Connect Azure Web App


I created a Linux Azure Web App.

I have successfully run the following commands in Kudu console to install and run a Connector.
curl -L --output cloudflared.deb …cloudflared-linux-amd64.deb &&
sudo dpkg -i cloudflared.deb &&
sudo cloudflared service install eyJhIjoiMDMzOTY5MWxzxxxxxxxxxxx

After that, the network tunnel status shows Healthy in Cloudflare.

The next step is to configure the public host in Cloudflare as follow
Type: https
Url: localhost:8080. In Kudu, the “wget localhost:8080” command returns the default web page.

Do you think the above configurations will work? Has anyone done something similar before.


Hi there,

If locally (from the equipment running cloudflared) you are able to access it, then it should work when added to a tunnel.

Take care.

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