Configure Cloudflare in a different way

Hello guys,

I was trying to setup Cloudflare on my website, but i found a problem

My host doesn’t let me change the nameserver (because i will lose access to emails account)

They told me that i can configure a CDN by IP or CNAME

To do cname i need to be a partner with couldfare

And i can’t find how to configure Cloudflare by IP

Can someone help?

They would need to be a partner of Cloudflare. Are they?

As for your emails, you just need to configure it correctly and any email traffic should still work.

In the article " How to configure DNS for CNAME (partial setup) when managing DNS externally"

It say:

"This KB article is designed for partners who want to add domains on CNAME setup and use the Cloudflare Partner (Host) API while managing their authoritative DNS externally. "

So i need to be a partner right?

You should be a host to become a partner.

Not sure why your host needs to retain control of your DNS for email, but assuming that is true you could sign up in a CNAME setup with a Business plan.

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Ah :slight_smile:

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