Configure Android devices to move from WLAN provided DNS to Cloudflare DoH when on wireless carrier?

Hi - I’m using Pi-hole DNS filtration when on a WLAN I control, and that works great via DHCP hand-off to point my DNS to the Pi-Hole server (DNS) when I am connected to the WLAN, but when I am away from that WLAN I want my Android phones to use CloudFlare DoH private DNS. I don’t see an intuitive way to configure this on Anroid devices… I have Android Devices running Android 9, 10, and 11 (Pixel 4).

How can I automatically and/or easily toggle back and forth DNS on these devices?

AFAIK that’s not possible. You need to go through your network settings and disable DoH.

Set up a WireGuard VPN on your pi-hole host. It’s pretty easy and you can use your pi-hole everywhere. If you need to split your traffic because you have a poor internet connection on the pi network you should use OpenVPN instead.

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I think you are right - I’m running openvpn already so I’ll look into that as a potential solution. I really like DoH, but there needs to be a way on the endpoint device (especially for mobile devices) to control when and where to use it as you move between networks you control, and networks you don’t control (employers, wireless carriers, etc.)

Maybe this app team can incorporate additional functionality to help with this in the future?

FYI - I did reach out to the [email protected] team with questions and feature recommendations related to this app: