Configuration problems

Good evening, I hereby write to you about the resolution of a problem, which I have not been able to solve for more than 40 days.
I state that I do not have many skills in this regard and I hope that you can help me in solving this problem that I expose you below:

After configuring Cloudflare (I hope I have it configured well) I have problems with the redirection of the configured links.

  1. = I have configured my new domain and configured it so that the domain can also be redirected to -
    But the redirect to link does not work -
    Also I have problems with the link also on my Facebook page:
    If I insert the link in the description of the facebook page (see screen FBOOK N ° 2) the link does not work and I receive this error result (see screen FBOOK N ° 4) the same thing happens to me if I do this operation ( screen FBOOK N ° 1) and I always get the same error result (screen N ° 4) -
  2. = Could you please help me and explain how to solve the problem?
  3. = Could you please check my Cloudflare account to see if the configuration is okay? What if there is some configuration error?
  4. = I should configure so that the main domain is and as redirect - And make sure that whatever the link or my site must always be visible , and in the facebook description or in the posts (advertisements) the link is clickable and visible.

I apologize for my English. I hope I have explained myself well and I very much hope that you can help me in solving this problem.
Thanking you in advance and looking forward to your feedback, cordially greetings.

From the screenshot above, the “Oops” page looks to be an “404 not found” comming from your origin host, not Cloudflare.

May I ask, do you want to redirect from to non-www, or vice-vers?

If you need to redirect from www to non-www or vice versa non-www to www, kindly see below articles as needed:

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Hi thanks for your help.
I want to redirect from to

If you want to do it using Cloudflare, therefore I would recommend following the instructions from the suggested article creating a Page Rule - including the thing, where you would have to check and if not, add and have both A and A www DNS records pointed to the same IP address (just in case).

Hopefully, it would not mess with your application re-routing/rewrites (maybe the application is setup and working over www, but not non-www, or vice versa), because it could possibly cause some redirect loop, if so.

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