Configuration of Pages and Rules

Hello, I am hosting a blazor app on another server, I will have 5000 users hit the landing page 1 time - so maximizing all resources to be cached is preferrable. I wasn’t sure if BOTH the Page and Cache Rules should be applied together, or if just the PAGE rules is enough.

Page Rule:  domain / *  Cache Level: Cache Everything.

In this above example, should I also put in a cache rule of :
Hostname equals domain Eligible for cache.

And then additionally if the cache rule is set, should i also be concerned with the Edge TTL or Brower TTL options.

When i run a large set of bots hitting the site one time, I am seeing a majority of the Cache Status has “Revalidated” (4.4k) and Hits are (1.13k), Misses (252)

The one positive outcome on the performance is I see the host site only using 11 meg, while the data transfer shows 400 meg (my blazor app is around 4 meg) - so it seems something good is happening in that the host doesn’t see 4 meg per user hit.

Last question is, apologies if this shouldn’t be in the post, but are there good consultants that I can access to help ensure our configuration is optimal if we should need.

Thanks in advance for any assistance to a new user trying to get the basics in to ensure the origin server has minimal amount of work to do.

Hi @tom103

I would suggest that you read the documentation Get started with Cache, just bear in mind that any rule you create in your Cloudflare account only work in hostnames that are created and proxied in your DNS dashboard.