Configuration - Magento 2 & Wordpress w/WP Rocket

We have a Magento 2 e-commerce site with a Wordpress blog. Our WP Rocket plug-in has many configuration settings that overlap with Cloudflare and it even has a panel to control certain Cloudflare settings.

I’m confused over what the optimal settings should be, as the recommended WP Rocket settings for Cloudflare, conflict with Cloudflare’s own (e.g. Rocket booster deactivation).

The Wordpress blog drives the vast majority of organic traffic to the domain, but we obviously want e-commerce page performance to be high. Our mobile performance seems to be poor, which does not help our Google rankings.

Any insight on how to handle our hybrid site configuration would be appreciated.

Is one of them on a subdomain?


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That makes using Page Rules a bit more difficult. This means that your Global settings should match Magento, and you’d need a Page Rule to make exceptions for*

I suggest you not let WP Rocket change your Cloudflare settings. Turning Rocket Loader off won’t kill you, and might be the safer choice. Cloudflare’s default settings are remarkably stable, so if this is a new setup here, you’re probably be in good shape.

Just take a look at WP Rocket’s recommendations. Post them here if you have any questions.

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