Configuration issue - wp-admin page not showing but index page of backend is

So, I’ve set up a new website in the normal way - pointing to cloudfare proxied to WPEngine, but for some weird reason, it’s not displaying the usual /wp-admin page, but it’s actually showing the Index page. See here… 09.12.2022-15.48.05

Never had this before, and it’s really confused me as to why. I’ve tried it both proxied and not proxied but nothing changes.

Any advice?

It’s not going to (from a normal visitor’s view) for security reasons!

By the way, this is what I see


That’s the homepage.

Here’s what I found for your login:

Both give you the access to admin



Okay, my bad! I think I quite didn’t understand it well :thinking:

No, I was face palming because I didn’t realize that was the homepage.

@AppleSlayer Alrighty then! That was quite amusing! :laughing:

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Hi @neiljay and @AppleSlayer thanks for the replies.

Maybe I need to elaborate! So the DNS Nameservers in Hostpresto are changed, so they now point to Cloudflare. The domain name was bought on Hostpresto that’s all. From Cloudfare, I then point to WPEngine where the actual website is being hosted.

I’ve done this a dozen times before on 101domain and 1&1 though never used Hostpresto before, where it’s usually simply a case of amending the Nameservers to point to Cloudflare. Which I’ve done.

So I can’t quite fathom why this isn’t working

Ahh, ignore me. I think it was a propagation & cache thing. It’s working now! Sorry!

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